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Eco Natural Sisal Massage Brush

  • Ivy Nat Natural Sisal Body Brush is made with eco-friendly and biodegradable sisal fibre which is extracted from the leaves of the agave plant. The naturally coarse, flexible fibres provide an invigorating deep exfoliation experience for the whole body. The wooden handle wrapped in sisal fibres is designed for ease of use when holding to enable the desired pressure control.


    • Cleansing and removes dead cells​
    • Exfoliating and revitalising your body
    • Rinse thoroughly and remove all soap


    Natural Sisal Round Brush made from traditional Japanese style, natural sisal plant and suitable for dry brushing.


    A sisal brush may also be used wet, in the bath or shower, for slightly more gentle exfoliation. Japanese style brush will reach those hard-to-reach areas easily. Can be ideal for removing dead skin.

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