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  • Vegan friendly, natural and 100% organic
  • Hand crafted from real coconuts! BPA and chemical-free!
  • Perfect for making creative breakfast bowls, smoothie bowls and poke bowls
  • Each set comes complete with a matching reclaimed wooden spoon!
  • Dimensions: Bowl (W14cm x H7cm) Spoon (L19cm x W3cm)

Coconut Cups | Natural Coco Shell Cup Set of 2

  • Eco-friendly coconut bowls and spoons by Jungle Culture are hand made by skilled artisans in Southern Vietnam. Our sustainable buddha bowls currently come in five unique eco styles. Each coconut bowl and spoon set is organic and natural, so size and shape may vary slightly from our pictures, but we think this adds to their charm!

    Your coconut shell bowls and spoons are perfect for making vegan smoothie bowls, breakfast bowls, acai and ramen bowls and more. Need inspiration? Check out our blog for more ideas. 

    Set Contains:
    2 x Eco-friendly Coconut Bowls
    2 x Reclaimed Wooden Spoons
    1 x Jungle Straw (Bamboo Straw)
    1 x Coconut Fibre Straw Cleaning Brush
    1 x Natural Jute Straw Sleeve

  • Our eco-friendly coconut bowl sets are completely natural and organic which means they need a little bit more love and care than manmade bowls. We recommend hand washing with warm, soapy water and drying with a cloth. Do not put them in the dishwasher or microwave as this may damage them.

    Your bowls will arrive completely plastic-free in a kraft paper recycled sustainable gift box.

    Please recycle or reuse the box if possible.

    For more tips & tricks on how to make your eco-friendly coconut bowls last longer, read our “How to care for your coconut bowls” article.

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